Mama Lupe’s Authentic, Flavorful Foods

Through the years, Mama Lupe’s has developed a reputation for authentic tortillas that are soft, great for making your favorite dishes and full of authentic flavor. From our home state of Kansas to grocery stores around the Midwest, Mama Lupe’s has found a loyal following of customers who want the absolute best tortillas and retailers who want outstanding support. 

Customers who love our delicious tortillas are also big fans of the Mama Lupe’s lineup of chips and salsa. We invite you to visit our products page to see all that we offer. If you are a retailer, foodservice distributor, chain restaurant or a manufacturer, click here for more information on working together for your tortilla, chips and salsa needs.

Delicious, High-quality, Local Ingredients

Mama Lupe’s supplies grocery stores, restaurants and distributors with sought-after, value-added products made from regional supplies of corn and flour.  In addition to a combination of corn and flour tortillas in various sizes, Mama Lupe’s offers several varieties of tortilla chips and a variety of salsa flavors. To stock your shelves with this trusted brand of authentic Hispanic food staples, contact Mama Lupe’s today. 

Well-recognized and highly-valued, Mama Lupe’s products are designed to fit your lifestyle. Low-carb and fat-free foods meet current consumer demands. Priced-right products make Mama Lupe’s brand line the best choice for retailers and restaurants. Sell the family favorites that customers are looking for with Mama Lupe’s brand products. 

From the headquarters in Moundridge, Kansas, Mama Lupe’s is the highest-volume manufacturer of tortillas in middle America. Provide your products specs and brand standards--let the Mama Lupe’s team go to work for you. Producing branded tortillas, chips and salsa for recognized retailers nationwide, Mama Lupe’s keeps costs in line.