Nutella & Banana Churro Quesadilla


Makes 2 servings
Cook Time: 5 minutes

2 Mama Lupe's Flavor Pack Churro Tortillas
¼ cup Nutella
1 banana, thinly sliced
Chocolate sauce
Cinnamon and sugar


Place the tortillas in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat and heat until warm and soft. Remove from heat and put on a plate. Alternatively, wrap tortillas in a slightly damp paper towel. Warm the tortillas in a microwave for 15 seconds. Spread 1/8 cup of Nutella on one side of each tortilla. Layer sliced bananas on top of the Nutella. Fold the tortilla in half and cut into quarters. Top with a chocolate sauce, sprinkle of cinnamon/sugar and sliced banana. Serve warm.